Drip Coffee Bar

$200 – 50 guests

Batch-brewed drip coffee and cold-brew, freshly roasted from one of our trusted roasters. Coffee is set up 30 minutes prior to the event and brewed by one of our trained baristas and maintained throughout your event bringing that coffee shop experience to your guests.

Includes: 2 hours of service. Two blends of freshly, roasted coffee, cups, lids, creamers, alternative sugars, napkins and stirrer sticks.

Pour-Over Bar

$275 – 50 guests

Treat your guests to a unique, hand-crafted experience. Our pour-over bar features two freshly roasted blends of coffee, utilizing our batch-brew chemex brewers and our Hario v60 brewers. Our beverages are made on-site by a trained barista to ensure the highest quality beverage for each guest. 

Includes: 2 hours of service, 45 minute set up, cups, lids, creamers, alternative sugars, napkins and stirrer sticks.

Espresso Bar

$450 – 50 guests

Our espresso bar is sure to impress and stand out at any event. We will provide hand-crafted espresso drinks, hot and iced, using quality, freshly roasted espresso beans. Each drink will be made by one of our trained baristas and will include a variety of our homemade syrups: Vanilla, Caramel, Lavander (seasonal syrups vary).

Includes: 2 hours of service, 1 hour set up, cups, lids, whole, skim and oat milk. Alternative sugars, napkins, stirrer sticks.

Add On/Customize Your Bar

With Eklectic Coffee Bar we try and customize your experience to bring the best service. We offer a variety of add-on features and you don’t have to choose just one coffee bar service above, but can stack services on top of the other for the ultimate coffee bar experience.

Cold-brew: Batch-brewed cold-brew made 24 hr prior to event/ $50 per 10-50 guests

Loose leaf tea bar: Includes 3 loose leaf organic teas from Choice Teas / $75 per 10-50 guests

Homemade Chai: Inspired by her trips to India, Owner, Hannah crushes and mixes the spices herself to create a spicy, sweet Chai. Batch-brewed/ $75 per 10-50 guests

Need additional service time? Let us know in the contact form and we can adjust the prices accordingly.